One of the UK’s new and independent fashion brands with global recognition, PRIME.London is becoming the design house of choice when it comes to social dressing.

Launched in 2018 by three British designers, PRIME.London’s distinctive signature style has contributed to revolutionize the Haute Couture industry, introducing a contemporary approach to design and styling. The Brand constantly pursues the excellence in every design and craftsmanship by combining tradition with modern luxury.

PRIME.London dresses come in very limited quantity of 2 pieces for each style therefore the brand does not offer official SS and AW collections like all other brands on the market. The concept of the brand is to deliver few new styles on a regular basic throughout the whole year. This way we can guarantee our clients that they will always see new designs each time they visit our boutiques.

The mission of the brand is to provide the highest levels of quality of their products. All dresses available in the collection are handmade and include perfect combination of strong femininity, elevated elegance and refined glamour.

Aside of PRIME.London’s signature collections, the brand also offers bespoke gowns, in a process that allows the customer to share their ideas with the design Team to create their perfect evening or wedding dress, right from rough sketches through to the final gown, tailored to each client and miles away from the usual meringue and cream cake cliches available on the market.